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I Decided to Build a Start-Up

Aryan Jabbari
November 18th, 2018 · 1 min read


Yesterday (Saturday, November 17, 2018), I read many tweets from users taking part in the #24hrstartup movement. Witnessing large numbers of builders and doers openly track their progress and live stream their development process inspired me to do the same (though I will not be live streaming my boring, boring development process).

It is the openness of streaming, tweeting and updating others where the real power lies in all this. For builders, it provides accountability partners in the form of Twitter, YouTube and Medium followers (would love to hear your comments as I do this!). For those looking on as the startup is built, it gives a chance to learn and ask questions (please feel free to ask questions) as the process goes on.


I’m a fan of productivity methods, books, and technology. I track my goals and tactics (actions taken to reach a goal) in 12-week sprints and use a Google Sheet to track my progress. This sheet calculates a score that reflects how well I did each sprint. I want to bring this Google Sheet to life in the form of a web application.

I will not be finishing this web application in a 24 hours. Instead, I will use Monday, November 26, 2018 as a deadline (deadlines are extremely important) to have a functional MVP. The initial product will be free as I ask the internet for some help testing.

Tech Stack

I decided on Next.js as a React framework. I do not plan on writing my own server and will instead use Firebase as a database (that is, when I confirm that I can export data from there if I decide to move elsewhere). For basic styling, I will use Material-UI.

Follow My Progress!

I would love if you followed my progress. As previously stated, this gives me an accountability partner which is important when doing something like this.

Follow my progress on this Twitter thread.

I will record anything that looks like a learning opportunity to my YouTube channel.

My code will reside at this GitHub repository.

And, of course, I will blog anything and everything I learn and achieve.

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